Knitted Welt Stitch AKA Tuck Stitch [A How To Video Knitting Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make The Knitted Welt Stitch Or Tuck Stitch

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make the knitted welt stitch. This knitting stitch is also sometimes referred to as the tuck stitch.

However, you will also see the name “tuck stitch” used for a very different method where you drop and reknit stitches.

This creates a somewhat similar effect but not the same. We have covered this “version” of the tuck stitch in a different tutorial: Knitted Tuck Stitch AKA Coin Stitch AKA Blister Stitch [A How To Tutorial].

The welt stitch is often used as a design or structural element that will add interest to your knitting project.

In fact, you can, for instance, use this technique to make a drawstring or piping casing in your knitting.

The welt stitch is a very simple, yet very effective knitting technique for adding texture and interest to your project.

Would you like to try out this great knitting technique? We have a great Harry Potter pattern here: Harry Potter Knitted Sorting Hat [FREE Knitting Pattern].

Jennifer over at the Knitting Vortex has made a great video tutorial where she demonstrates how to make this version of the tuck stitch.

Watch Jennifer in this video tutorial and see how easy the welt stitch is! 

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