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Knitted Vanilla Latte Socks [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Design Your Own Socks With This Delightful Knitted Vanilla Latte Socks Pattern

The pattern for this pair of knitted vanilla latte socks is just amazing.

Not only does it come with instructions for how to knit the socks in three different sizes.

It also lets you choose between several different cuff ribbings.

You can also choose between three different heel flaps and two different types of toes.

 Yarns from

Virginia uses the Kitchener stitch to close up the those of these lovely socks.

Not familiar with the Kitchener stitch? Here is a great video tutorial: The Kitchener Stitch [A How To Video Tutorial].

You can download Virginia’s¬†pattern for these amazing knitted socks for FREE.

To access the free downloadable knitting pattern for this versatile pair of socks, please click here: Vanilla Latter Socks Pattern.


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