Knitted Tuck Stitch AKA Coin Stitch AKA Blister Stitch [A How To Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make The Knitted Tuck Stitch (The Coin Stitch OR Blister Stitch)

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make the Knitted Tuck Stitch.

I have also seen this stitch sometimes referred to as the Coin Stitch or the Blister Check Stitch.

Basically, all three stitches are drop and unravel stitches that gives you a highly decorative end result.

You will need to unravel a stitch for several rows and then re-knit it. It may sound really scary, but it is quite a fun and easy technique to master.

Knit Purl Hunter has made an excellent video tutorial that clearly demonstrates how to make this decorative stitch.

Sometimes you also see the welt stitch referred to as the tuck stitch. However, this technique is quite different.

Interested in finding out more about the welt stitch? You can find a great video tutorial here: Knitted Welt Stitch AKA Tuck Stitch [A How To Video Knitting Tutorial].

Would you like to try out tuck stitch on a knitting project? You can find a great FREE pattern here: Deans Knitted Baby Blanket [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to make the tuck stitch!

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