Knitted Train Sweater [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Create This Super Cute Knitted Train Sweater For Your Boy

Photo of a kid wearing a blue knitted sweater with train design with text which says " Free Pattern: Knitted train sweater,"

Choose this Knitted Train Sweater as your next surprise for your little one. If he likes trains, it is the perfect sweater to create. Pick colors that he likes the most.

In fact, it could be a great gift idea for any train-loving child in your family.

This knitting project is ideal for more advanced knitters, who have some practice on their hands.

The instruction given to this FREE knitting pattern comes in five main sizes: 2 years – 4 years – 6 years – 8 years – and lastly, 10 years old.

This funny train sweater known as “Futfut” is a great creation by Karen Skriver Lauger.

You are able to access the pattern for this knitted train sweater for FREE at Filcolana’s website.

To access this FREE pattern for this nice knitted sweater with its train design, click on the link here: Futfut Train Sweater Pattern.

Featured image(s): Filcolana – thank you!

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