Knitted Teddies For Nepal Children

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Stand By Me Supporters Help In Any Way They Can

Numerous Nepal families, including many children, lost everything they had in the 2015 earthquake that shattered the country. These families live in terrible poverty and they continue to be homeless, a condition that affects children more than anyone else.

Two Stand by Me supporters, David and Stella Luckock, decided they could do something for the little ones in need.

So they began knitting teddies that could be sent to the Nepal children left without a home after the earthquake. David and Stella made plenty of teddies and dolls, and they strived to make each one stand apart, so that the children will feel that they are getting something special.

Fortunately, the knitted teddies made their way to Nepal. A volunteer team decided to make a trip through the treacherous mountains to reach the children.

A temporary shelter where homeless kids and their families live was the recipient of the bundle of teddies sent by the Stand by Me supporters.

Pictures of kids delighted to receive the teddies were the reward for David’s and Stella’s hard work. For these unfortunate children, receiving such a personalized gift is like a ray of hope in their lives.

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Nepal has a system of casts that sets apart the poor families and children from those who are more fortunate. The lower casts were the ones who have suffered most and continue to suffer after the earthquake.

For them, such small gestures of care and good will can make a real difference. However, while David and Stella did their best to help, their hands could only do this much.

There are still many children who would love to receive a knitted teddy or doll. All those interested to help are invited to contact Stand by Me and bring a glimmer of home in the lives of these children.

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