Utilitarian Knitted Tablet Cover [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Utilitarian Knitted Tablet Cover Using Two-Tone Twine

This practical and utilitarian knitted tablet cover is easy to make and takes no time at all.

The cover is made from Baker’s Twine, a two-tone cotton twine. This makes the knitted tablet cover highly durable.

A contrasting leather buckle gives the knitted cover a nice utilitarian look.

In fact, it can also be made using any household string. There is no need for any fancy knitting stitches, just rows and rows of stockinette stitches.

Furthermore, the pattern is easily adapted to not only fit your tablet, but also your Kindle and your laptop.

A stylish way to protect electronic devices from being knocked about and maybe damaged.

In addition, this FREE British pattern comes with extensive explanations.

You should have a go at this contemporary and stylish knitted tablet cover that is made using this unusual material.

Access the FREE knitting pattern published on the Craft Institute’s website here: Knitted Tablet Cover.

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