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Knitted Striped Shawl [FREE Pattern]

Let This Gorgeous Knitted Striped Shawl Keep You Warm Into The Evenings

This knitted striped shawl is a lovely addition to the summer wardrobe. It will go equally well with a pair of jeans as with a lovely summer dress.

The lovely shawl has been knitted back and forth on circular needles. It has been worked diagonally in the garter stitch from the tip.

The completed shawl should have a wingspan of about 66 inches. The height from the top of the shawl to the tip, should be about 25.5 inches.

In metric measurements, that is a width of about 170 cm and a height of about 65 cm.

To access the FREE pattern for this lovely knitted shawl from Drops Design, please click here: Warm & Wonder Shawl Pattern

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