Knitted Socktopus [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Adorable Knitted Socktopus

This lovely knitted socktopus (sock octopus) is the perfect project for using up some scrap yarn you have laying around.

A knitted socktopus toy resting on top of a little boy's head and text which says "Free Pattern", followed by the knitting space logo

One of the gorgeous little octopuses will make a lovely last minute gift for a special little person.

The soctopus has been designed by Laura over at Knitty. She has graded the pattern as intermediate.

Once completed, the finished octopus should measure approx. 10.5 inches in height. That is including the legs. In metric, that is a height of just over 26.5 cm.

The body (or head) of the octopus measures approx. 11 inches in circumference. In metric measurements, that is almost 28 cm.

To access the FREE pattern for these cute knitted sock octopuses, please click here: Socktopus Pattern

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