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Knitted Sleepy Sheep Mobile [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Let This Cute Knitted Sleepy Sheep Mobile Lull Your Kids To Sleep

Make sleeping a simple and relaxing feat with this knitted sleepy sheep mobile. The soothing color and the stuffy texture of these suspended plushes will help calm your child to sleep.

This knitted mobile project is pretty easy to make. A beginner knitter will have a wonderful time making this knitted decorative sheep and her friends.

The finished size of these cute sheep, star and crescent moon is approximately 4 inches across. This makes it big enough to catch your child’s attention and helps lull them to slumber.

When we measure using the metric system, these pretty hanging toys are about 10 cm across.

Jen Best created the simple yet bubbly design of this knitted stuffed sheep, star and moon mobile.

Download the FREE pattern for this charming knitted sheep mobile from Love Knitting. The instructions also come with steps to make the mobile.

To download the FREE pattern for this fun knitted sleepy sheep mobile, please click here: Sleepy Sheep Mobile Pattern

Featured image(s): Jen Best – thank you!

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