Knitted Shadow Chevron Dishcloth [FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial]

Learn How To Make This Delightful Knitted Shadow Chevron Dishcloth

This knitted shadow chevron dishcloth has a lovely textured finish that makes it perfect for washing dishes.

This delightful knitted dishcloth with a chevron pattern is designed by Staci over at Very Pink.

You can access Staci’s great knitting pattern for FREE from her website Very Pink.

To access the free pattern for this knitted chevron dishcloth, please click here: Shadow Chevron Dishcloth Pattern.

Staci has also put together a great video tutorial where she explains how to knit this chevron pattern.

She starts talking about the actual dishcloth about 2 minutes into the video.

Watch this video and see how Staci makes this lovely chevron pattern!

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