11 Tips For Knitting A Scarf

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How to Make Your Own Beautiful Knitted Scarves

Knitting is a very pleasant activity, especially when there are plenty of interesting shows on TV and you do not want to reach for that bag of chips (Brit. Eng. crisps) once more.

If you have no idea about what and how to knit, here are a few clever tips for a simple project: knitting a scarf.

Tip #1: Get committed – even if it only means telling it to your best friend, do it.

Tip #2: Get started – the first rows are probably the most difficult, so it does not hurt to put your mind to it, and go through the start, so you can get to the good part.

Tip #3: Be patient – knitting is not some kind of race. It may look like you’ve done very little, when you have just a few rows completed. However, you are on the right path. Knitting becomes the most rewarding when you are starting to enjoy it.

Tip #4: Don’t panic – even if you have to deal with a skipped stitch or a knot, do not panic and do not give up. All problems have solutions.

Tip #5: Don’t quit mid-way – it is important to finish your project, so don’t leave it aside for too long. You may not feel that confident to kickstart it again.

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Tip #6: Stay focused – as you continue to knit on your scarf, you will begin to experience a state of focus that is absolutely marvelous. Keep going!

Tip #7: Use large needles for your first project – too many aspiring knitters are put off by the fact that knitting takes a lot of time. To curb the disappointment, try using large needles for your first scarf, and you will be pleased with your progress.

Tip #8: Keep your eyes on the goal – even if you must get a scarf from the store because yours isn’t ready yet, this does not mean you should give up.

Tip #9: Decide when it is enough – you do not necessarily have to make a scarf that is 12 feet long. Stop when you’re comfortable with the length, so you can finish your first scarf with flying colors.

Tip #10: Cast off – this is simple and straightforward, once you get a hang of it.

Tip #11: Take pride in your work – wear your scarf as a badge of honor. You deserve it!

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