Knitted Scarf Turns Movie Scene Into A Cross Over Piece Of Art

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Greg Klimer Uses Knitting To Prove An Interesting Concept

Knitters are known to be highly creative individuals, as Greg Klimer, a fashion designer, proves. Greg is a faculty member at the Parsons School of Design and came up with a wacky idea.

He wants to prove that a short movie can be turned into a knitted scarf, and back again into a movie. His 19 second test shot is intended to demonstrate how new and old technologies can be brought together for a stunning effect.

“[The film will be] a thank you letter to the kids who used to beat me up in art class when I was in middle school,” he says about the subject of his short movie.

The final movie will have between 2 and 4 minutes and it will be based on the same technology used for the test shot.

While he is using Photoshop and other advanced software for editing, he is using Jacquard loom and intricate weaving techniques for the actual knitted scarf. Greg is collaborating with a factory from New Jersey who agreed to take on the challenge.

His test shot is as long as an entire block in New York City, and it made its debut at the Brooklyn’s Bushwick Open Studios art festival.

Apparently, there were other advantages to his idea of turning his movie into a knitted scarf. While they were waiting for the festival activities to start, he and his friends took a nap in the oversized scarf.

Although the movie reminds him of not so happy moments in his life, Greg has no trouble laughing it off.

“The film is really comfortable,” he says, related to the fact that the knitted project can be used as a blanket, if need be.

For the first time, a project of this size and scope is brought to life.

This short video shows the 19 second test shot of the knitted scarf …


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