Knitted I-Cord With Beads [A How To Video Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make A Knitted I-Cord With Beads

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a knitted i-cord with beads.

Adding some beads to your i-cord is a great way to add some sparkle to your knitting project.

In fact, you could easily adapt this technique to applied i-cords you can add to make a beautiful finish to the edges in your knitting projects.

You can find a great video tutorial here on how to knit applied i-cords: Learn To Make An Applied I-Cord.

The team over at SheRuKnitting has put together this great video tutorial. In the tutorial they demonstrate how easy it is to knit a simple i-cord with beads.

If you would like to explore knitting with beads further, you can find a great video tutorial here: Knitting with Beads.

You can also learn other knitting tips and tricks in our knitting tutorial section that you can find here: Knitting Tips & Tricks

Watch this great SheRu Knitting video tutorial and learn how to make a beaded i-cord!

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