Knitted Hats for Patients Going through Chemotherapy

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A Group of Orono Hockey Players Show Their Support by Knitting Caps for Cancer Sufferers

A group of girls on the field hockey team in Orono decided to show their support for patients going through chemotherapy as part of cancer treatment, by knitting winter caps for them and raising money at the same time.

The idea sprang to life when someone close to the girls on the team had to go through a personal trial.

Emily Leclaire was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma on her 16th birthday.  As a consequence, she had to undergo therapy to get rid of the terrible disease. The fact that she had to give up on her beautiful curly hair didn’t put her down and didn’t affect her optimism.

In an interview, she even admits that she likes her new, short hair look, even though her mother was much more affected by it, since she used to love her daughter’s curly hair.

One of Emily’s friend, Elisabeth, was on the bus with a group of other girls, on the way to a game of field hockey, and they were knitting to pass the time. Since one of the girls was knitting a hat, Elizabeth immediately thought about how cool it would be to make a knitted hat for Emily. It would help her keep her head warm while still undergoing chemotherapy.

From there, and encouraged by Emily’s great optimism, the girls decided to knit caps for other children battling cancer. Emily in particular was enthusiastic about the knitted hats project. This since she wanted to give something back after she received so much love and support from her hockey teammates.

We want to let them know that there are always people there for them, and there is always the community who will support them, if they need people to lean on,” Emily’s friend, Elizabeth said in an interview about the girls’ initiative.

Watch this video about these remarkable girls and their knitted hats!


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