Knitted Goods Help Breast Cancer Survivors

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“Knitted Knockers” Offer Comfort and a Bit of Relief for Women Everywhere

Breast cancer is a terrible disease that affects women and men all over the planet. “Knitted Knockers” eases the trauma of surgery for many female breast cancer survivors.

While researchers work hard at finding a cure, this doesn’t mean the rest of the world should do nothing. At least, this is what Chrysanthi Koutsiviti thought when she officially created the Knitted Knockers Support Foundation.

Koutsiviti was not alone in her endeavor. Along with a few fellow knitters, they decided to do something for the many women suffering from the loss of one or both breasts.

Hence, the idea of knitting breast prostheses flourished. All being fast knitters, the group began creating plush prostheses survivors can wear.

Many of the women who are part of this organization have experienced the terrible disease in one way or another. Some have close friends who are struggling with some form of breast cancer. Others have struggled with the disease themselves.

How It All Began…

This was the case with Barbara, a yarn shop owner from Maine. Suffering first-hand the effects of breast cancer, she began knitting prostheses made of yarn. Back then, she named them “tit bits”.

While the prostheses caught on, the name didn’t. Therefore, Knitted Knockers was the winner in the game of monikers when the foundation was being established.

What are these prostheses, anyway?
Tina Miklas, a knitter involved with the foundation says:  “They slip right into your bra. They’re softer, and can be worn right after surgery.”

The problem with the typical prostheses provided after surgery is that they are uncomfortable. As a result, the knitted alternative is much preferred by many patients.

Losing one breast or both can have a severe impact on a woman’s self-esteem. Researchers say that breast cancer survivors can experience feelings of insecurity in regards to their looks. Also, they self-ostracize themselves socially.

Furthermore, the knitted knockers provided by the foundation can be customized. Each woman can decide what size she prefer.

“It makes a person feel a little more human”, Miklas says, explaining why she and others got involved in the project.

The Knitted Knockers Foundation is a worldwide effort with groups throughout the United States and the world.

You can find out more about Knitted Knockers here:

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