[FREE Pattern] Knitted Fur Yarn Puppy

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Knit This Adorable Little Furry Friend!

Anyone is sure to fall in love with this cute little fellow, and any child would love one. So why not make a knitted fur yarn puppy for a child or someone who needs a little comfort.

A hot pink knitted yarn puppy and text which says  "Free Pattern: KNITTED FUR YARN PUPPY, theknittingspace.com"

The huggable little puppy has been knitted using Red Heart’s Boutique Fur as well as some Super Saver. The Boutique Fur yarn comes in a number of different colors so you can knit a whole litter of different puppies.

The finished puppy measures about 7 inches tall and 10.5 inches long. That is about 18 cm tall and 26.5 cm long.

Go on, knit this adorable little puppy for someone special: Knitted Fur Yarn Puppy.

PS: Why not knit another one for yourself as well? 

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