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Knitted Flowers In A Row [A How To Video Tutorial]

Learn How To Make These Amazing Knitted Flowers In A Row

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make these delightful knitted flowers in a row.

This beautiful flora stitch is perfect for baby blankets. It also lends itself very well as an edge or border.

To knit this incredible beautiful flower stitch, you will need to cast on in multiples of 6 stitches plus 1 stitch.

In fact, you only knit the pattern over 3 rows if you want to use it as an edging.

Furthermore, if you would like to use this floral stitch in a pattern, it looks great when combined with the stockinette stitch.

If you would like to see in detail how this beautiful stitch is knitted, Kristen over at Studio Knit has made a great video tutorial.

The video tutorial takes you through how to knit this stunning stitch, step-by-step.

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Watch Kristen and learn how to make this incredible floral stitch!

You can find more of Kristen’s video tutorials here: Studio Knit

Featured image: Studio Knit – thank you!

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