Celebrating Estonia’s Centenary Through Knitting

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A Construction Worker Works On A 160-Square Meter Knitted Estonian Flag

There are many ways in which one can prove their love for their country. But Valtrik Pihl, an Estonian construction worker currently living in Helsinki, chose one particular way.

With Estonia’s centenary being celebrated in 2018, he started to think ahead of time. His desire was to make something significant to celebrate the event.

His choice was to knit an enormous Estonian flag that will measure 160 square meters, once it will be finished. Why knitting? This is a question that Valtrik Pihl has certainly heard it plenty of times.

He explains it very simply: “By knitting this flag, I am breaking gender stereotypes and confirming the belief that Estonians are hard-working.”

knitted Estonian flag | the knitting space

Besides the effort that has gone and will go into this ambitious project started three years ago, there are some important costs involved.

The estimate for the required yarn to take the project to fruition is 139 kilometers. The total cost will be around 4,000 Euros, and the construction worker will have to work for 3,000 hours to complete it.

Valtrik Pihl is very disciplined about it. He knits three rows every day, and he needs one hour and a half for each row. Yet, since he wants to finish the flag by the time Estonia’s centenary will be celebrated, nothing stops him.

He admits even that knitting has become part of his daily life, just like brushing teeth or doing other similar tasks.

The knitter benefits from supporters from England, France and Finland. His project has already drawn attention. His flag, when finished, will be exhibited at the Estonian National Museum.

The construction worker hopes that the enormous flag will earn him a place in the Guinness World Records Book, since his project will be the largest of its kind ever made.

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