Knitted Dolls For Community Projects In Haiti

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100 Female Knitters Are Involved

For more than 20 years, Haiti Projects has been involved with helping the local community. Among their projects, getting women who know how to knit, sew or create embroidery, to work for fair wages, is one of the most successful.

Besides paying the women and giving them and their families a chance at decent living, there are other benefits involved.

The money raised from sales, donations, and grants are all given back to the community. A public library is built with such money, multiple clinics benefit from it, and there is even a girls’ soccer team sponsored from the money raised.

One of the things created with love and dedication by the Haitian women are Jou Jou dolls.

These knitted dolls are created from donated wool and recycled stuffing. Many people love them, because these knitted dolls are unique.

There are basically two basic patterns, one for girl and one for boy, and from there, the knitter can choose anything else. From the color scheme to the minutest details like hair and accessories, every knitter can make their own Jou Jou dolls.

These knitted dolls are thought to bring prosperity to anyone who owns one, hence their popularity.

An organization from Avon, CT, called Knit & Pearls, is now running a collaboration with Haiti Projects. Their goal is to raise as much wool as possible from anyone who wants to make a donation.

All the wool will be used by the Haitian women involved in such projects to make Jou Jou dolls. Everyone is invited to donate, even if they do not have full skeins at their disposal. Every little bit helps, and it adds to the many wonderful projects run for the Haitian community.

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