Knitted Dishcloth With Cables And Lace [FREE Pattern]

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Make This Beautiful Knitted Dishcloth With Cables And Lace

This gorgeous knitted dishcloth with a cable and lace pattern is really something special. The contrast between the thick cables and the lovely open lace makes this a very special dishcloth.

Photo of a coral knitted dishcloth with cables and lace and text which says "Free Pattern: Knitted Dishcloth With Cables And Lace,"

In fact, to me it seems more like a knitted spa washcloth, so I would seriously consider using it as such.

This is a quick and easy knitting project that is suitable for beginners. If you are not familiar with knitting cables, you may find this tutorial of interest: Making Knitted Cables.

We also have a tutorial on reading lace charts which you can find here: How To Read A Lace Knitting Chart.

Once completed, this lovely dishcloth should measure about 10 inches by 10 inches. In metric measurements, that is abut 25 cm square.

This lovely knitted lace and cable dishcloth can be downloaded from Willow Yarns. You can access the download from here: Cables And Lace Dishcloth Pattern

Unfortunately, this pattern has now been retired by the designer.

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