20 Amazing Truths About Knitting

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Why You Should Take On This Craft Right Now And Start Making Your Own Knitted Creations!

Knitting is many people’s favorite, but if you are not among those bitten by the bug, you may wonder what this is all about.

Here are some amazing truths about knitting that will convince you to grab a pair of needles and some yarn and start making your own knitted creations.

  1. You can make your own stylish sweaters, scarves and hats.
  2. Knitting is among the few reasons why you should ever visit a haberdashery.
  3. There are so many wonderful things you can do with yarn.
  4. Yarn shopping leads to button shopping and that is something you will surely love.
  5. You can knit using patterns from any kind of era; you will easily complete your wardrobe with some snazzy outfits.
  6. Knitting is for everyone, it is that easy.
  7. This craft will keep you busy when you are embarked on a long drive with nothing to do on your hands (provided you are not the driver, of course).
  8. Knitting brings people together and it will be a lot easier to make new friends.
  9. You can setup your own Etsy shop and sell your knitted creations.
  10. A knitted gift is always much more appreciated than items that are directly bought from the shelf.
  11. You can knit some really cool looking things for your baby.
  12. You can even knit toys!
  13. Christmas gifts look so much better when wrapped in knitted packaging.
  14. Knitters are seen as pretty cool people.
  15. You can take your needles and yarn everywhere you go and no one will think anything nasty of you. Actually, they will think you’re pretty hip.
  16. All your knitted creations will be unique, which means there are no chances of stumbling upon someone who wears the same thing.
  17. Knitting offers the perfect occasion to practice mindfulness.
  18. You can create beautiful things for the community.
  19. Knitting allows you to keep an old tradition alive.
  20. You will learn something useful you can teach your kids one day.


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