Knitted Comfort Shawl With Feather And Fan Pattern [FREE Pattern]

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Make This Colorful Knitted Comfort Shawl With A Feather And Fan Pattern

This lovely and colorful knitted comfort shawl has a beautiful feather and fan pattern.

A woman wearing a colorful knitted shawl with striped wavy patterns and frilly fringes and text which says "Free Pattern: KNITTED COMFORT SHAWL WITH FEATHER AND FAN PATTERN,"

The designer responsible for this gorgeous feather and fan comfort shawl is Sarah Bradberry over at Knitting And Com.

Sarah has written a very detailed knitting pattern that is accompanied by a couple of lace charts.

Not familiar with reading lace charts? We have a great video tutorial here: How To Read A Lace Knitting Chart.

The shawl can be knitted to any size and with any yarn to suit your purposes.

You can access the FREE knitting pattern for this amazing shawl from Sarah’s website.

To access the free pattern for this feather and fan knitted shawl, please click here: Feather And Fan Comfort Shawl Pattern

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