Donation Record For Knitting Group In El Dorado Hills

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The White Rock Village Group Has Donated 1,651 Knitted Caps So Far

Knitting is a great way to spend time, as well as to give back something. A group of hefty knitters from El Dorado Hills manages to do both. All the work they do goes to charity, and so far, they have donated 1,651 knitted caps to newborns and cancer patients.

This is not the only record the knitting team has managed to score so far. In one single month, the team donated 465 caps to those in need.

The White Rock Village group is not pretentious when it comes to people who want to join. No previous knitting experience is required and loom knitting is easily taught to new comers.

One of the knitters told reporters that it takes about one hour to create a knitted cap for a newborn, and one hour and a half for knitting a cap for a toddler. The work is easy and fun, and the knitting team meets only two times weekly for their charity projects.

The El Dorado Community Health Centers were among the latest beneficiaries with 50 caps being donated by the team of passionate knitters.

These caps will be part of newborn baskets the Health Centers will put together for young families. 200 baskets will be offered to families with newborns. Besides knitted caps, the baskets will include diapers, a book on infant care, and blankets.

The knitting team welcomes new members, as well as donations of fleece and yarn. Besides knitting caps, they also make blankets that go to those in need.

Knitting proves, once again, that people can be easily convinced to work together, when a higher purpose is in sight. The many patients and newborns in El Dorado Hills have already received the love and care of the local knitting team that plans on donating even more in the future.

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