Knitted Brioche Stitch [A How To Video Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make The Knitted Brioche Stitch In Both One And Two Colors

In this tutorial you will learn how to make the knitted brioche stitch.

This is in fact a combination of stitches that creates a lovely and squishy double sided fabric.

Just like its namesake, the light and buttery brioche bun, the brioche fabric is just as airy and luxurious.

Would you like to try out the brioche stitch? Here is a great pattern using the brioche stitch in just one color: Fun Knitted Brioche Hood Hat [FREE Knitting Pattern].

If you would like to try out the brioche stitch using two different colors, here is another great pattern: Knitted Brioche Hat And Cowl [FREE Knitting Pattern].

Staci over at Very Pink Knits has made a great video tutorial on knitting the brioche stitch.

In her tutorial, she will show you how to knit this stitch both with just one color and with two colors.

If you prefer written instructions, you can find them on Staci’s website.

To access the FREE written instructions for how to knit the brioche stitch, please click here: Brioche Stitch Instructions.

Watch Staci and learn how to knit the brioche stitch! 

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