Knitted Alsacian Scallops [A How To Knitting Video Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make Knitted Alsacian Scallops

In this video tutorial, you will learn how you can make knitted Alsacian Scallops.

This exquisite lace stitch is surprisingly easy to knit. In fact, this stitch pattern is knitted in a multiple of 21 stitches plus 3.

These 21 stitches are then knitted over 14 rows which is repeated until you reach the desired length of you project.

The finished fabric you get when knitting the these lace scallops lends itself particularly well to knitting projects like baby blankets or for making a border for your knitted projects.

Please note that there is no audio with this video tutorial. However, all the instructions come up on the screen

If you prefer, you can get the full written instructions from Knitting Stitch Patterns’ website. Here is the link to the Alsacian scallops instructions¬†Alsacian Scallops.

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Watch this great video tutorial from Knitting Stitch Patterns and learn how to knit the Alsacian Scallops!

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