Knitted 5-Petal Garter Stitch Flower [A How To Video Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make A Beautiful Knitted 5-Petal Garter Stitch Flower

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a lovely knitted 5-petal garter stitch flower.

In fact, the flower is created by knitting garter stitches using twisted stitches. Twisted stitches are created by knitting in the back leg of the stitches.

You will also need to remember to do the yarn over anti-clockwise and not clockwise like you normally do.

The team over at SheRuKnitting has put together this great video tutorial. In the tutorial they demonstrate how easy it is to knit a this beautiful garter flower with 5 petals.

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Watch this great SheRu Knitting video tutorial and learn how to make a lovely garter stitch flower with 5 petals!

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