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Knit Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy [FREE Pattern]

The Force Is Strong In This Knit Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy

Make this adorable knit yoda baby bottle cozy. This is a fun knitting project for baby that is fairly easy to do.

photo of a knitted smiling Yoda bottle cozy with text which says "Free Pattern" followed by the knitting space logo

This lovely baby bottle cozy has been designed by Gabrielle Theriault. The cozy should be able to fit 4 to 10 oz bottles with a slim shape.

This pattern makes use of the Kitchener stitch. If you are not familiar with this stitch, we have a great tutorial that you can find here: The Kitchener Stitch [A How To Video Tutorial]

You can download this great knitting pattern from Gabrielle from here: Yoda Baby Bottle Coz.

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