Knit Tidy Garter Stitch Edges [A How To Knitting Tutorial]

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Learn How To Knit Tidy Garter Stitch Edges

In this tutorial you will learn how to knit tidy garter stitch edges.

When knitting a garment in the garter stitch, the edges don’t always look as good as they could. I know I haven’t always been happy with some of my edges …

Therefore, I became very excited when I came across this great tutorial from Lorilee Beltman

The amazing technique she is demonstrating, is sure to always give your garter stitch projects the perfect edge.

Watch this great demonstration and learn how to apply this incredibly simple, yet effective technique!

I know I will be applying this great garter stitch technique to my next project.

Lorilee Beltman is an accomplished knitting teachers. Currently, she has two knitting courses on Craftsy – both on continental knitting.

Click the images to learn more about Lorilee’s courses on Craftsy!

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garter stitch | the knitting stitch
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