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Knit Scrap Buster Dishcloth [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Make This Great Knit Scrap Buster Dishcloth

This knit scrap buster dishcloth is truly a scrap buster!

You will only need 7 oz of yarn to complete this great dishcloth. In metric measurements, that is about 200 gr.

This is a quick and easy knitting project that is suitable for beginners.

A pair of these lovely knitted dishcloths will also make for a great last minute gift for someone.

This great knitted dishcloth has been designed by Mindy Acosta over at Mommi Knits.

You can access Mindy’s FREE pattern for this lovely knitted dishcloth from her website Mommi Knits.

To access the free pattern for this scrap busting dishcloth, please click here: Scrap Buster Dishcloth Pattern.

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