Knit Pig Dishcloth [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Fun Knit Pig Dishcloth

This great knit pig dishcloth will definitely bring some fun into your kitchen.

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The designer behind this adorable knitted dishcloth is Emily Guise. She took the inspiration for it from the porcine hero for the classic Charlotte’s Web.

Emily has used the Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi shawl ratio to create the actual pig’s face.

The ears have then been knitted on. The eyes have been done using the duplicate stitch.

If you are not familiar with the duplicate stitch, you can find a great tutorial here: Knit Duplicate Stitch [A How To Tutorial].

You can download the FREE pattern for this fun pig dishcloth from Knit Picks.

The pattern can be accessed from here: Some Pig Dishcloth Pattern

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