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A Knitter’s Grief Transformed

Poignant, Sad But Still Uplifting!

“Knit One” is an Australian produced video. It is a short story all about Sadie’s grief-fueled knitting obsession and how it transforms her suburban world until there is just one thing left to knit.

Even though not a single word is spoken throughout the entire video, the story of “Knit One” comes across loud and clear.

Watch Sadie’s grief transformed and discover how she is finally able to let her creativity explode after the passing of her husband. As with all good stories, there is a twist in the tale.

Knit One from Sky Machine on Vimeo.

Written by Claire d’Este
Directed by Clare Gray
Produced by Clare Gray & Shaun Wilson
(c) 2012 Wide Angle Tasmania, Clare Gray, and Shaun Wilson


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