Knit Loopy Bath Mat [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Indulge Yourself For Once And Make This Lovely Knit Loopy Bath Mat

As knitters, we tend to always be busy knitting for family and friends. Or if we knit for ourselves, it tends to be something useful or practical.

A folded white knit bath mat with text that says "Free Pattern", followed by the knitting space logo

So, when was the last time you knitted something for yourself that was just an indulgence?

This knit loopy bath mat is not just practical but also indulgent. It is soft and plush – perfect for stepping out on after a nice and luxurious bath.

The loop stitch used for this soft and decadent bath mat, is only knitted in one row for every five rows of garter stitch. This makes this lovely knit loopy bath mat very easy to make as well.

It is made in a worsted cotton that is machine washable, but it is probably advisable to hand wash it instead. Use a gentle soap, rinse and squeeze. Let the bath mat try flat on a dry towel.

The FREE pattern for this gorgeous bath mat comes with a great photo tutorial. It clearly shows you how to make the loop stitch that makes this bath mat stand apart.

So get knitting and indulge yourself for once!

Click here to access the FREE pattern: Knitted Loopy Bath Mat.

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