Delightful Knitted Leafy Washcloth [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make 2 Different Variations Of This Delightful Knitted Leafy Washcloth

This delightful knitted leafy washcloth comes in two different variations.

Three leaf-inspired knitted washcloths made from three different yarns on top of each other and text which says "Free Pattern:DELIGHTFUL KNITTED LEAFY WASHCLOTH,"

One version has a garter stitch leaf. The second version has a stocking stitch leaf with stem.

These lovely leaf-shaped washcloths will make a lovely gift for someone, especially when paired with a lovely bar of handmade soap.

The lovely knitted washcloths shaped like a leaf have been designed by Tricksy.

This is the perfect washcloth for beginners to knitting who are ready to move beyond the square.

However, more experienced knitters will also enjoy making this knitted washcloth.

All you will need to know is how to do basic increasing and decreasing of stitches.

To access the FREE pattern for these lovely leafy washcloths from Tricksy, please click here: Leafy Washcloth Pattern

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