Knit Lace Café Curtain [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Lovely Dappled Knit Lace Café Curtain

This knit lace café curtain with a wavy mesh pattern offers both light and privacy to your home

A white knitted lace curtain on a window's lower half and text which says "Free Pattern: KNIT LACE CAFÉ CURTAIN,"

The knitted lace curtain has been made using a slightly loosened gauge. This gives the lace a lovely airy quality.

A finished knitted lace curtain should measure approx. 48 inches by 15 inches. In metric measurements, that is about 122 cm by 38 cm.

However, the lace curtain can easily be made wider or longer if needed. For every 10 additional stitches you knit, you will add about 2.5 inches (just over 6 cm).

Every vertical repeat of the knitted lace pattern will add an extra 3 inches (about 7.5 cm).

You can download the FREE pattern for this lovely knitted café-style lace curtain from Knit Picks

To access the free download for this beautiful knitted lace curtain, please click here: Dappled Lace Café Curtain Pattern

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