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Knit These Quick And Easy Comfort Dolls

Izzy Dolls are known by many names: Comfort Dolls, Duzuza Dolls, Pocket Pals and even at times Softies. They are fun and quick to knit and make an ideal gift or charity donation.

Knitted doll with colorful hair and text which says "Free Pattern: KNIT IZZY DOLLS, theknittingspace.com"

In one of our previous articles, we featured the story behind the Izzy Dolls, and how they have been used by Canadian peacekeepers in conflict zones.

Sometimes it can be good to put the knitting needles down. Our article 7 Health Tips For Knitters underlines the importance of changing knitting styles in order to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

We therefore thought we would bring a pattern where you could try out a knitting loom and create something fun and useful.

Using a knitting loom is a quick and fun way to knit Izzy Dolls. These little dolls are made using a 24-peg knitting loom. If you don’t already have a knitting loom, they have a great selection on Amazon.

Just a quick tip. Most of the instructional videos on knitting looms show the knitting loom being used on a table. However, this is not the most comfortable way of using it.

Personally I rest my loom in my lap and I have the side of the knitting loom facing me. I then just keep turning it like a wheel while I use the hook to knit.

Once you have completed one doll and stuffed it, you will just need to do some simple sewing to give it the body some shape.

As an alternative to the usual stuffing, you can use yarn cut-offs which you have collected.  So, why not give your knitting needles a rest and pick up a knitting loom and get knitting!

To access the written pattern for dolls, please click here: Knit Izzy Dolls.

Watch this video tutorial and see how easy it is to knit Izzy Dolls.

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