Knit Hour Glass Arm Warmers [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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These Gorgeous Knit Hour Glass Arm Warmers Are Reminiscent Of Downton Abbey

These beautify knit hour glass arm warmers reminds me of the lovely gloves ladies wore in the Downton Abbey era.

Pair of hands tending to flowers while wearing a pair of light purple knitted arm warmers and text which says "Free Pattern:KNIT HOUR GLASS ARM WARMERS,"

The arm warmers are a lovely, feminine accessory to your wardrobe.

They have been knitted in a lovely wool and silk blend. Cast on using a single loop method, they are then knitted in the stockinette stitch.

These lovely arm warmers also features a purling section as well as ribbing sections.

Two unique, twisted cables are worked on the lower part of the arm warmers.

The cabled pattern reflects the name of the pattern: an hour glass. Not familiar with knitting cables?

We have a great video tutorial on basic cables here: Making Knitted Cables [A How To Tutorial].

To download this great pattern from Knit Picks, please click here: Hour Glass Arm Warmers

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