Knit Grandma Marian’s Dishcloth [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Lovely Knit Grandma Marian’s Dishcloth

Make this lovely textured knit grandma Marian’s dishcloth. A stack of these lovely knitted dishcloths will make a great gift for someone.

Photo of a orange knitted dishcloth with oranges on the side and text which says "Free Pattern: Knit Grandma Marian’s Dishcloth,"

This is a quick and easy knitting project. It is perfect for newbies to knitting who would like to try out a “lace” pattern for the first time.

The lovely knitted dishcloth has been designed by Emily Williams in honor of her Grandma Marian.

When finished, the dishcloth should measure about 8 inches by 8 inches.

In metric measurements, the finished knitted dishcloth should be just over 20 cm square.

To download the FREE pattern for this great knitted dishcloth, please click here: Grandma Marian’s Dishcloth Pattern.

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