Knit Duplicate Stitch [A How To Tutorial]

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Learn How You Can Add Some Fun Pops Of Color By Using The Knit Duplicate Stitch

The knit duplicate stitch is a way of embroidering a design into your knitting. It is a great way of adding some fun pops of color to your knitting project.

Using the duplicate stitch, you can embroider on top of your existing stitches of stockinette fabric in a contrasting color.

This technique is ideal if you would like to add some colorwork motifs without using stranded knitting or intarisa.

If you would like to try out this technique, we have a fun little project here: Heart Dance Knitted Socks [FREE Knitting Pattern]

The duplicate stitch can also be used to reinforce a weak spot in your knitted work.

Watch this great video tutorial from Knit Picks. In the tutorial, Kerin will show you how to do the duplicate stitch!

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