Knit Diagonal Lace Washcloth [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Pamper Yourself With This Lovely Knit Diagonal Lace Washcloth

Photo of two blue knitted washcloths laid on the edge of a bathtub next to a bar of soap with text which says " Free Pattern : knit diagonal lace washcloth,"

This beautiful knit diagonal lace washcloth is a hybrid of Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth.

The simple lace pattern in the middle of the washcloth is a simple seven stitch repeat.

This makes this washcloth a simple and easy knitting project.

It is the perfect pattern for someone who would like to give knitting lace a try for the first time.

This lovely knitted washcloth come courtesy of  the team of mother and 2 daughters that makes up Simply Notable.

To access the FREE pattern for this lovely knitted lace cloth with a lace pattern from Simply Noteable, please click here: Grandmother’s Diagonal Lace Knitting Pattern.


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