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Knit Daphne Scarf [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Make This Gorgeous Knit Daphne Scarf

This beautiful knit Daphne scarf has a lovely pattern symbolising a tree branch with laurel leaves.

In fact, the design takes its inspiration from Ovid and his description of how Daphne turned into a laurel tree to escape Apollo.

The finished scarf should measure about 48 inches by 6 inches. In metric measurements, that is about 122 cm by 15 cm.

However, you can easily adjust the length as the pattern is knitted over 24 rows that is repeated.

This lovely knitted scarf has been designed by Saranac Hale Spencer. She has rated this pattern as intermediate.

You can download the FREE pattern for this gorgeous knitted scarf from Knit Picks. You can access the download from here: Daphne Scarf Pattern

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