Knit Crazy Eights Dishcloths [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Make These Fun Knit Crazy Eights Dishcloths

A stack of these round knit crazy eights dishcloths will look good on any kitchen shelf.

Photo of a set of colorful round knitted dishcloths stacked on a bowl with text which says " Free Pattern", followed by the knitting space logo

These knitted dishcloths are really quick and easy to make. They are great for beginners who would like to try out a round dishcloth instead of the typical square one.

The dishcloth is shaped by knitting short rows. Luckily, there are no wrapping or turning or confusing counting. All you need to do is to keep counting to eight!

There are eight wedges per knitted dishcloth. Each wedge consists of eight shaping rows – simple.

You can access the FREE pattern for this practical knitted round dishcloth from Simply Notable.

To access the free pattern for this great dishcloth, please click here: Crazy Eights Dishcloth Pattern

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