Knit Child Slippers [PAID Pattern+Video]

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Make These Great Knit Child Slippers

These lovely knit child slippers are perfect for children and teenagers of most ages.

These great knitted children’s slippers have been designed by Janis Frank. She has designed this great pattern for 7 different feet sizes.

Photo of baby feet wearing a pair of knitted slippers and text which says "Free Pattern", followed by the knitting space logo

The pattern should fit children’s feet from a small US size 5 to a US teen size 5. That means that you can knit slippers to fit feet that measure from 5.25 inches to 9 inches long.

In metric measurements, that is feet that measure from just over 13 cm to almost 23 cm.

The knitting pattern for these great knitted slippers for children is available for download. To access the pattern for these knitted kids’ slippers, please click here: How To Make Knitted Child Slippers.

Janis has also made a video tutorial that takes you through how to make her slippers, step by step.

Watch this video and see how to knit these children’s slippers!


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