Colorful Knitted Catnip Bunnies [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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These Colorful Knitted Catnip Bunnies Are A Fun And Versatile Knitting Project

The colorful knitted catnip bunnies can be used for many things. They were originally designed as a cat toy.

Several pieces of colorful knitted bunny catnip bags and text that says "Free Pattern: COLORFUL KNITTED CATNIP BUNNIES,"

However, they will also make great toys for children as well.

You can for instance string them together and use as a pram toy. Or my favorite, use them to teach children the colors

So, break out that left over yarn and make a selection of colorful knitted bunnies!

These fun little knitted bunnies have been designed by Selina Kyle. She has included a great photo tutorial with her written pattern

To download the FREE pattern for these lovely, colorful bunnies, please click here: Catnip Bunny Pattern.

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