Knit Basic Intarsia [A How To Tutorial]

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Learn How Easy It Is To Knit Basic Intarsia

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to knit basic intarsia. This is a way of knitting different colors into your work.

However, unlike fair isle knitting, the colors are not carried as “floats” across the back of your knitting project.

You will typically use intarsia patterns to make a block or blob on a background of another color. This is, for instance, how argyle patterns are knitted.

Intarsia can be used for more than one color at the time. However, in this tutorial we will just show you how to do basic intarsia with only 2 colors.


This video tutorial has been made by Staci over at Very Pink Knits.

Watch this great video and see how Staci knits basic intarsia!

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