Jeopardy Winner Says She Loves Knitting And Cats

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The Librarian Walked Away With Over 40K In Winnings

Jeopardy winners seem to come from all walks of life. Many of them have managed to leave a long lasting impression on the audience, but few can brag they could match the easy going, easy to love attitude of Margaret Miles.

One of the latest winners of Jeopardy, Margaret works as a librarian at the New Hanover County Public Library in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Nothing out of the ordinary so far, and this is exactly what Margaret does not pretend to be. By the middle of the show, she was already ahead the other competitors. It was then that Alex Trebek decided to ask her was she did for fun.

Her answer went straight to the hearts of many of those watching the show.

“Knit – and pet my cats. I’m hopelessly stereotypical,” she said promptly.

It appears as though Margaret is not the only one with a fierce love for cats and knitting.

The social media response to her appearance on Jeopardy proved exactly that. It seems that the term “badass” now applies to cat owning librarians who win Jeopardy.

It may seem hard to believe that a librarian and not some celebrity can hold the headlines on Facebook and Twitter, but this is just what happened.

“I am doing everything in my power to be her when I grow up,” a young man from New York twitted after Jeopardy night.

Success won’t get to Margaret’s head, though, as her cool headed answer proved. What she cared to do, at the end of the show, was to give a friendly shut out to all the other librarians out there.

It is known that librarians have a strong love for finding answers. It was time that one of them went and won a famous TV show to prove their worth.

“It’s a pleasure to share what we know, and even more fun to get the chance to learn something

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