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Jenys Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off [A How To Knitting Tutorial]

Learn How To Do Jenys Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off

In this video tutorial you will learn how to do Jenys surprisingly stretchy bind off.

It is a way to cast off that leaves a lovely springy and stretchy edge.

This casting-off technique is especially good for binding of  toe-up socks, sweater necks and other items that needs to be stretched to put on.

The amazing thing is that the stretched edge retracts back to a nice snug fit when it is let go.

This great method for binding off your knitting has been devised by Jeny Staiman.

Cat Bordhi has made a great video tutorial in which she demonstrates how to execute this great binding-off technique.

Would you like to try out this great casting-off technique? We have a great pattern here: Simple Cable Knitted Boot Cuffs [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Watch Cat and learn how to cast off using Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off!

Featured image: Knitty

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