Irresistibly Cute Knitted Pocket Bunny [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Irresistibly Cute Knitted Pocket Bunny For Little Ones

Choose this Irresistibly Cute Knitted Pocket Bunny as a cute surprise for your any little one. With this delightful little toy young children will always have a friend to carry wherever they go.

Photo of three knitted pocket bunny toys in different colors and text which says "Free Pattern: Irresistibly Cute Knitted Pocket Bunny,"

For instance, this is the perfect traveling companion.

This is an excellent knitting project for more advanced knitters, who have some practice on their hands. It contains some sewing in the end.

The step-by-step guide given to this FREE knitting pattern for one size. The finished bunny measures about 4.7 inches.

In case your are using the metric system, this awesome bunny is approximately 12 cm.

This design of this adorable knitted pocket bunny is a fantastic creation from the team over at Twins’ Knitting Pattern Minishop.

In order to get access to the pattern for this super cute knitted bunny for FREE, visit Twins’ Knitting Pattern Minishop’s website.

Lastly, to get access to this FREE knitting pattern for this lovely pocket bunny with its cute design, click on the link here: Irresistibly Cute Pocket Bunny Pattern.

Featured image(s): Twins’ Knitting Pattern Minishop – thank you!

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