Fairytale Icelandic Knitting Tours

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Icelandic Knitting Tours Become More And More Popular

Iceland is known for several things, more recently, knitting tours. Many people come to Iceland for hiking and for witnessing the wild beauty of the country, but now they have yet another great reason for visiting.

Knitting tours include many interesting activities, besides fiddling with yarn and needles. Hiking, ice skating, visiting textile museums and picturesque places are among them.

There is even a touch of fairytale to these tours. One of the most famous ones is called Hiking and Knitting with the Elves. Organized for the first part of August, the tour is organized for groups of 6 to12 people.

The East of Iceland is known for having been once populated by elves, according to local fairytales.

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Tourists are taken on a tour of this amazing part of Iceland, during which they will enjoy the pristine looks of the untouched fjords and inlets.

While many may think of Iceland as a barren territory with volcanoes and landscape taken from some imaginary space adventure, this part of the country is different.

The many colors will take you by surprise, and you will be able to enjoy your knitting in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The hills are painted in orange and pink, while the valleys are of a luscious green that you can barely see anywhere else. The turquoise waters in the fjords are bordered by beaches with black sand.

And, if you do not already feel like in a fairytale, you will surely get into the atmosphere while listening to one of the many legends with elves recounted by the locals.

At the same time, you will learn how to knit Icelandic lace and you will be able to take part in a plant dyed workshop, part of the tour. Learning about new and old knitting techniques is included with the adventure.

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