Huge Knitted Blanket The Result Of An Impressive Collaborative Effort

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Knitting Mentors And The Community Help Boy Finish Knitting Project

Galen Hughes could hardly believe his knitting project would attract so many people. A Corvallis freshman, he learned how to knit from an early age.

At the beginning of 2015, his knitting mentors offered to help complete an impressive knitting project of having a blanket made from knitted squares made by different people.

Laura Wathen, one of the school representatives involved in the project, was impressed with everyone’s determination and offered to help. She also discovered that knitting is something that means more than what we all know.

“One definition of knit means to closely join or combine people or things and bring them together. That’s what we’re really doing in our program, bringing people together,” she said, after looking up the definition of knit in the dictionary.

The project took one year and a half to complete and it resulted in a humongous blanket with three layers made of 24 squares. That surely makes for a really comfortable and warm blanket!

Besides Galen’s knitting mentors, other people decided to get involved. His efforts, as well as those of everyone’s involved, really contributed to the success of the knitting and mentoring program. Now there are 36 kids from the seventh and eighth grades taking knitting lessons.

Learning how to knit is only a part of what is achieved through these lessons. The mentoring part is what makes these lessons special.

“A lot of the kids plan their week around knitting-day and it isn’t really even about knitting, it’s about these wonderful women. The value of a caring mentor in a child’s life cannot be overstated,” Laura remarks, seeing the result of the knitting classes and the effect they have on children.

As one of the mentors finished her activity with the group and is now moving to the east coast to be with her family and especially her grandchildren, Laura hopes that more people will get involved and offer to become knitting mentors.

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