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Great Gift Wrapping Ideas [How To Video Tutorials]

Give Your Gifts The Personal Touch With These Great Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and it is time to think about how to wrap all the lovely gifts you have made throughout the year! These 2 video tutorials show you some great gift wrapping ideas that won’t break the bank!

In the first video, you will see how you can easily make a stylish weave wrapping method that looks really impressive but is quick and easy to do.

Watch the video tutorial on how to make “the woven wrap”!

Here is another great idea for wrapping up your presents, it is called “the tassel topper”.

However, you could always replace the tassel with a pompom. We have a great tutorial on how to make pompoms in bulk. You can find the video tutorial here: Making Pompoms In Bulk [A How To Video Tutorial]

Watch the video tutorial on how to make “the tassel topper”!



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